What is Local Marketing Automation?

The difference between marketing automation and local marketing automation

The marketing technology landscape has ballooned to the point of absurdity with nearly 1,900 vendors across 43 categories according to chiefmartec’s 2015 “supergraphic.”

Marketing Technology landscape

Thousands of little logos show just how crazy the Marketing Technology industry has become since Brandmuscle started a decade and a half ago.

Because Brandmuscle’s been around since the late ‘90s – with some heritage dating back to 1960 – we think of ourselves as pioneers. Our time in the space has given us an opportunity to find our niche and help define the category: software and services that help national brands market on the local level.

So, what’s our niche called? It depends on who you ask. We’ve heard it defined as:

  • Distributed Marketing Management (DMM),
  • Marketing Asset Management (MAM),
  • Marketing Resource Management (MRM),
  • Channel Marketing Management,
  • Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA),
  • Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) and
  • Local Marketing Automation (LMA)

…All different interpretations by vendors and analysts to decipher our mission: help brands with distributed sales networks (franchisees, dealers or agents) manage, optimize, incentivize and automate marketing functions.

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