The Four Keys to Throwing Wildly Successful Local Marketing Events (Part 1 of 2)

When you think about local marketing, what do you picture?

A small business storefront? An ad in the local paper or clever Facebook page? Perhaps you’re thinking of my favorite: the wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man?

Regardless of the form it takes, local marketing continues to grow as a tactic for national brands with an estimated $61.2 billion to be spent in 2016 according to forecasts from BIA/Kelsey. One place we know that money will be spent – or at least 20 percent of it according to our State of Local Marketing Report – is at your local county fairs, home shows, sporting events, bridal bashes and auto expos. read more…

The 2016 State of Local Marketing #Infographic

Brandmuscle’s annual State of Local Marketing research analyzes trends, media satisfaction, opportunities and challenges that national and global brands selling through a distributed network of local affiliates (franchisees,dealers, agents, distributors, channel partners, etc.) face.

read more

The Top Brandmuscle Blog Posts of 2015

This past year we worked hard to create valuable content for our readers, providing insights about distributed local marketing to help our clients own local. It’s been fun exploring and writing about these topics and we hope that you’ve enjoyed 2015 just... read more




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