Has Your Co-Op Advertising Program Gone Digital?

A majority of consumers now turn to the web for researching and shopping goods and services, but not all channel partners use these tactics to promote your brand at the local level. In fact, our 2014 State of Local Marketing report found that despite high awareness of social and digital media tactics, adoption rates were growing at a much slower pace than expected. The reasons most commonly cited by re-sellers: “it is too complicated” or “it is too time consuming.”

From a marketer’s viewpoint, a well-designed digital campaign is both cost effective and easier to measure compared with traditional media. So one would think that brands would emphasize these digital tactics at the local level. Equipping local channel partners with  content, support and incentives for using digital tactics pushes them in the right direction and does so in a way that’s most advantageous for your national brand as well as the local affiliate:

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