How a Customer Service Mindset Makes You a Better Professional (and Person)

Just hearing the words “tech support” may elicit feelings of frustration or images of Nick Burns–Jimmy Fallon’s SNL character we loved to hate–but in reality, customer support professionals should be considered role models of the modern-day office. In addition to troubleshooting your customers’ problems, support reps serve at the front line of your brand; they are your company’s face, smile and handshake who endure a lot to leave paying customers with a positive experience.

Bottom-line: your customer support team can make or break your brand experience when it matters most.

Done correctly, customer support bolsters your brand by adding personality and compassion–two things an otherwise faceless company needs when customers are frustrated. Quality service can turn a detractor into an advocate by treating customers as people instead of top-line decimals.

Summarized in a word, customer support reps are pleasant, and their altruistic nature is something we all should aspire to.

What can the rest of us learn from Customer Support reps?

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